making the greeting for new year 2022


soil expiriment

creating riddles about natural resources and making chart

Group activity

slam out loud session

slam out loud 7th session.

Reduced air pressure experiment

Visiting students houses and discussing about their family with the parents

The Metric fair at our school on December 20

Learning with peers in Nature

Science experiments on the Acid, Base topic

experiment on need of oxygen in burning of fire

group activities

slam out loud 6th session

Activity done by students

showing videos related to the topic

Santa Claus drawing activity for Christmas day

National mathematics day

slam out loud session

Conducting FA-2 exam

Home visit

one -on-one discussion

Case studies -Home visit

Slam Out Loud ,Session-5

Slam out loud session

Picture prasentation activity

One on call

Taking the science class for 6th std

Home visit

one on call with student