The 2024 Yoga Day celebration at our school was a vibrant and uplifting event, fostering unity and wellness among students, teachers, and staff. The day began with an speech made by me  the importance of yoga in maintaining physical and mental well-being.

Students of all ages  participated in yoga sessions led by experienced instructors, learning various asanas and breathing techniques. The atmosphere was filled with positivity as everyone embraced the practice with dedication and focus.

In addition to yoga sessions, educational presentations highlighted the history and cultural significance of yoga, enriching everyone's understanding of this ancient practice. Participants also engaged in discussions on how to incorporate yoga into daily life for improved well-being.

The celebration culminated in a collective meditation session, where students and teachers gathered in unity, reflecting on their experiences and setting intentions for continued practice.  inspiring everyone to embrace yoga as a lifelong journey towards health and mindfulness.   

Father of yoga is panthajali  Maharshi .