Nada prabhu Kempegowda

                                                 Nadaprabhu Kempegowda


On 27/ 6/ 2024 that day we are celebrated the Nada Prabhu Kempegowda jayanti in this we are listen the story of kempegowda the family background their family sacrifices all listen from the audio later on that worship of the kempegowda photo it was good on teachers where worship the kempegowda it is inspirations to students to build their life in a good way there sacrifices Nada Prabhu kempegowda is built the Bengaluru City it is old name is Bendkalooru how they face the problems and build the Bengaluru City it is all our student listen it is celebration is good in our school this type of celebration is inspirations to students and it is build quality in students like  growth as a leader and with the leadership qualities it is all students is listen the story of kempegowda and sacrifice of his daughter in law it was a good story. and kempegowda was a good leader and he reach their goal middle of the path he has face many different kind of problems, in our life that kinds of problems are come but we don't fear we face the problems and to achieve our goals we are Indians and we give contribution to our country any of the field weather it is education field, social, and cultural field, whether it is political field, with it is environment related reforms we give a contribution to our social our state or country it is the objective of the day of celebration the 513 birthday of Nada Prabhu kempegowda he is a courageous man and be remember he is birth day because of his struggles sacrifice and achievements and contribution to the city of Bengaluru he is a good leader. His inspiration took our students as one or two points adopt in n their life  it's purpose we celebration  the jayanti of kempegowda.