Celebration on the leprosy day

                                               Celebration  on the Leprosy day

 Today in our school HPS  Narendra in that we have celebrated the in  the function the village punchayet  members and the our all teachers and the students are participate in that it  in this function the the Health departments visit gave in formation about leprosy it was nice how it was spread this diseases  the main features and the how prevents the diseases  in case we  had that kinds of the features in our body we have to consult  in govt hospital it  information gave us the health department how it develop in our body last month the all students was checkup their health  today got information about the leprosy day it was nice work of the health department it was nice work gave in formation it was nice and the leprosy day this year them is  ''Lets end the  stigma and uphold dignity'' it was nice information of the health departments  it need to students clean metasciences in school .

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