Being a math teacher....

 Teaching is one of the great profession that creates all professions in the world. Teachers plays an important role in every student life. Because the success of the learners can be determine by role of an instructor or teacher. Teachers can create or bring happiness, enjoyment , interest and curious in the classroom by their presence or teaching method. Teachers activeness, effective teaching method, building curiosity , way of teaching , their knowledge , body language all will have the power to bring changes in mind. 

Specially for math subject  teacher should create interest, connect the topic to the real life, have patience to convey the topic and need to be perfect in math. Mainly being a math teacher, teacher should have interest in math subject and their teaching should be commendable  because a little knowledge will not make his /her trust among the students. Specially math teacher should have positive attitude towards their subject because it will direct influences the learning process of the students. Also teacher should present the math subject skillfully  and they should need to clear all the doubts of the learners. 

For me also being a math teacher I will present the subject matter by connect it to the real life application , why we need to study it. Because when I was in primary and high school I didn't know where we use all these problems and why we need to study it. So now as a math teacher first I will clear my student what we are learning , how we are learning and why we are learning so that my students will try to involve in the class, solve the problem more, ask more doubts. I will clear their doubts patiently and as a math teacher we should repeat the subject again and again to reach the student.