Experience sharing about Yuva fellowship


I am Shobha .I am a fellow teacher at Vidya Poshak .being a fellow it's great experience be with children and learn from them .beginning of the fellowship it was bit difficult for me to manage classroom and create a lesson plan and also how to behave with students and how to handle them. Now i look back it has been a amazing journey .It as transformed me and also my students.

When i started teaching this kids their behavior was not managed well. classroom environment was not good .Gradually i made vision for my classroom and class rules  then now students transformed themselves now they have become leaders and they initiate the activity.

Students were had fear about math subject and for teacher also they were just folding their hands and standing in front of a teacher. now they are engaging and our classroom is based on student teacher engagement and also students interaction is more in my classroom. all students actively participating in all activities.

One good memory i would like to share is when i did one assessment after 1 month of my class . All my student attended the assessment and scored good marks so my students not had fear on math subject and also they don't have fear about teacher they attending all the classes and also writing the assessment and scoring good marks. This is the amazing part of my journey.

Gradually i started to interact more with the student i gave space for students to open up and share freely  and also i did one on call with each student and now my students won't feared in talking in front of teachers they shared their problems openly with us so it has made possible to transform over classroom.