My experience as fellow teacher .....


My fellowship journey

I am Sushma working as a fellow teacher at Vidya poshak.

I am here to share the things which learnt after joining this Yuva fellowship programme. 

When I joined as a fellow teacher at the beginning, I faced difficulty in handling the students. Now, I am able to handle each of the student by creating teaching atmosphere

Apart from teaching, I told the students about cleanliness, how to behave with others and tried to improve their learning skills.

Earlier when I joined the programme, I am not confident in my verbal communication and felt nervous many a times. Now I used to prepare well for the class and teach the students making them understood the things.

  1. Interactive sessions with programme manager and facilitators taught me how to interact with the students by controlling our emotions. Now, I used to create a very friendly environment with the students thereby making them to interact without any fear.

    Me and my colleagues conducting ELIP activity in weekly meeting. ELIP is an English communication improving activity which helped me to improve my communication skills.

  3. Some students are interested in education but they are irregular because of some reasons.
  4. If possible, I reach out the parents of the students and try to convenience them to bring the students to the school.
  5. Also we conducted parents meeting and parents circle so that absent students are coming the school

  6. TFI team are observed the our co fellow class also they will interact with students it makes them happy
  7. offer we all are introduced our selves it was nice day for me

  8. Also we conducted slam out and girl raising session in that we told about importance of girls education and
  9. students were draw their aims all students are enjoyed the session very well also
  10. we took weekly once think tac activity in that we did science experiment all students are did the experiment it was really nice experience for me

  11. we conducted some activity for students like story telling ,and group activity and running competition also
  12. science exhibition and i am also played some games it makes me happy
  13. also I felt tension free I enjoyed the each and every moment with my students

  14. I am very thankful to Vidya poshak team as they encouraged me in all the prospective and provided me the healthy working atmosphere. I am very satisfied with this opportunity to serve the students in the field of education.


  16. With the belief that teaching is a continuous learning process, I used to learn new things along with the students day by day. I can teach Mathematics and Science subjects give respect each and every student. I will answer to the doubts/query of the student. With this I conclude and thanks for the opportunity to share the things.

Thank you everyone………………….😍😍