💫Empowering Future Leaders💫

💫Empowering Future Leaders💫

 A Excellence Institute Training for Vidya Poshak Yuva Fellows.

The Vidya Poshak Yuva Fellowship program, dedicated to nurturing future educational leaders, recently concluded an intensive institute training program for its fellows. This comprehensive program, spanning 15 days, provided a rich and insightful experience, equipping the fellows with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles and positively impact the educational landscape. 

Vidya Poshak Yuva Fellowship Batch 2021-2022

Vidya Poshak Yuva Fellowship Batch 2023-2024

💥A Journey into the Realm of Education💥

The first day commenced with a field visit to the Hebballi and Jeeragiwad schools, offering a practical immersion into the realities of government education. The fellows were tasked with delivering a 10-minute class, engaging with students and providing valuable learning experiences. This hands-on approach allowed them to gain firsthand insights into classroom dynamics and student needs. Furthermore, the fellows participated in a case story discussion, analyzing a real-life educational challenge and exploring potential solutions. To further enhance their understanding of the local context, they observed a house visit, gaining valuable perspectives on the socio-economic factors impacting student lives.

Fellows Taking Classes 

Student Case Story
House Visit
👉Understanding the Ecosystem: A Stakeholders' Panel Discussion🍃  
The second day focused on building a comprehensive understanding of the education ecosystem.  A meticulously curated stakeholders' panel discussion brought together diverse voices, including government school teachers, headmasters, parents, and SDMC members. This interactive forum provided the fellows with invaluable insights into the complex interplay of various stakeholders in shaping student outcomes.  The panel members shared their perspectives, highlighting the unique challenges and opportunities within the system.  The discussion underscored the importance of collaborative efforts and a shared vision for achieving educational excellence.
Stakeholder Panel Discussion 

Panelists Profile 
🎆 Leadership and Innovation:  A Forum for Excellence🎆

The training program emphasized leadership development, equipping the fellows with the skills and confidence to champion positive change. A dedicated leadership forum brought together a diverse panel of students from different educational backgrounds, including PUC students, 10th-grade students, and Kendriya Vidyalaya students.  Through this engaging dialogue, the fellows explored what constitutes excellent education and how teachers can effectively implement it in their classrooms.  The insights shared by the student panelists provided valuable perspectives on the learning experience from the recipient's point of view, enriching the fellows' understanding of student needs and aspirations.

Leadership Forum -The Excellent Education 

Panelists Profile 

✨Guidance and Skill Development

Mr. Mukund Maigur. Child Psychology Facilitator

Mrs. Vasundhara Deshpande Mathematics Facilitator 
Mr. Mahesh Masal. Motivational Speaker
Dr.M.S.Chillur English Facilitators
The program delved into various pedagogical areas, led by renowned experts in their respective fields. Mr. Suresh Kulakarni, a prominent figure in science education, conducted insightful sessions on science teaching methodologies. Mrs. Vasundhara Deshpande, a distinguished mathematics educator, shared her expertise on effective mathematics instruction. Dr. M. S. Chillur, a renowned English teacher, provided valuable insights on developing engaging and effective English language skills. Mr. Mukund Maigur, a leading figure in child psychology, guided the fellows on understanding child development and nurturing positive classroom environments. Mr. Mahesh Masal, a motivational speaker, provided valuable insights on fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

Mr. Suresh Kulakarni. Science Facilitator
Mr. Vinayakumar Kadbgeri.NEP -2020 Facilitator

Ms. Nidhi Lambha Teacher presence and Classroom culture plan Facilitator

Ms. Nidhi Lamba, an expert in classroom culture and teacher presence, emphasized the critical role of these factors in student learning. Mr. Vinayakumar Kadabageri. a experts in National Education policy 2020The program manager and fellow mentor led technical and feedback sessions, providing guidance and support throughout the training process.

👀Practical Applications and Collaborative Learning👀

The fellows actively engaged in practical exercises, applying their newfound knowledge to real-world scenarios. They developed personalized culture plans for their classrooms, aiming to create inclusive and supportive learning environments.  Collaborative teaching sessions in Mathematics, Science, and English fostered teamwork and shared learning. 

Collab Teaching


The program emphasized building relationships with students, encouraging the fellows to engage in various activities aimed at fostering positive connections and promoting student well-being.

🌱A Path to Self-Reliance🌳

The institute training program proved to be a resounding success, equipping the Vidya Poshak Yuva Fellows with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to become future leaders in the field of education.  This intensive program provided a strong foundation, empowering them to make significant contributions to Vidya Poshak Yuva Fellowship and beyond.  We are confident that these individuals, now armed with a wealth of new skills and experience, will leave a lasting impact on the lives of students and contribute to the betterment of the educational landscape.

The Vidya Poshak Yuva Fellowship program remains committed to investing in the development of its fellows, providing them with the necessary resources and support to thrive in their roles.  We look forward to witnessing their future achievements and the positive impact they will have on the world, transforming lives and shaping a brighter future for education.💪


😊Thank You 😊

Fellow Mentor 
Mrs.Sushma Appannavar